CILT-India enroll BSA Corporation Ltd., Pune as an Accreditation Institute of CILT. Inspection was done by Mrs. Veni Mathur, Vice Chairperson-Education and Mr. Sanjeeva Shivesh

Frequently Asked Questions



Question: What are the objectives of CILT?
Ans.: Mainly there are three objectives of CILT:

1. To ensure an adequate supply of qualified personnel through an internationally recognized education and training system.

2. To keep update qualified individuals throughout their professional working lives.

3. To play an active and influential role in shaping logistics and transport policies for the future development of the sector.

Question: How many grades of membership are in CILT?
Ans.: There are four categories of membership:

1. Affiliate/student
2. Member
3. Chartered Member
4. Chartered Fellow

Question: What kinds of membership are available in CILT?
Ans.: There are two types of membership available in CILT:

1. Individual membership
2. Corporate membership

Question: How to apply for membership in CILT?
Ans.: Student can apply for Affiliate membership.  Entry in other grades of membership is based on the possession of knowledge with requirement on a certain level and length of relevant experience.  Applicant can send his membership application form along with his CV/Bio-Data.  National Council will decide membership grade for applicant on his professional experience in Transportation and Logistics area.

Question: Why should individual to join CILT?
Ans.: Benefits in joining CILT are as under:
She/He can gain lifelong professional anchor.
She/He can gain a unique source of support, knowledge and networking.
She/He becomes a part of a unique global professional Institute.
She/He becomes a part of a Professional Institute with prestige and pedigree.
She/He becomes a part of such network that will assist in career development.
She/He will be able to create network with industry professional of so many sectors.

Question: What are the activities of CILT in regards to the Training and Education?
Ans.:CILT organize conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops etc. Logistics area news is also updated on CILT website.
Question:  What is the URL of CILT-India?
Ans.: URL of CILT-India is

Question: Where is the main office of CILT-India?
Ans.: CILT India, Headquarter:

IC Centre For Governance

3 Palam Marg, 3rd floor, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi - 110057.
Tel: +91-11-40809939, Tel-Fax:+91-11-26146236


Question: Is there any regional office of CILT-India?
Ans.: Yes, there two regional office of CILT-India.  One out of which is in Cochin and second in Ahemdabad. These are called Chapters in CILT.

Question: Can any query be asked through email?
Ans.: Yes, email i.d. for this purpose is

Question: What are the courses are recommended by CILT?
Ans:  The Institute offers three types courses i.e. i) International Certificate course, ii) International Diploma course and iii) International Advanced Diploma course.

Question: Is there any MBA course in logistics?
Ans.: International advance diploma course is equalent to MBA.

Question: Is there recognition for CILT Courses in logistics field?
Ans.: CILT Courses are recognized in International level.




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Vision and Mission

The Mission of the Institute is To promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport.

The Institute achieves this through both its membership and educational qualifications.
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